Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Kiondos with a Purpose

It's a new year and time to get some things order. Yesterday I shared about these great kiondos, and today I wanted to give you some ideas on how to use them. I will say, they obviously are great for toting stuff around, especially if you have kids. I bought mine Christmas Eve and used it for every Christmas party I had after that. It was great for holding gifts, games, and food that we brought to each party. I wished that I would have had it for all of our Christmas gatherings.

Now on to some home organization ideas, because really that's what I bought mine for. 


This is one way I actually plan on using mine. We don't have a linen closet in our guest bathroom, so I thought I could throw a few towels in the bag and hang it on the back of our door. It's also a fun surprise for guests when they shut the door. And who doesn't love something pretty to look at while they're on the john? 

If you don't have a hook, it's just as lovely to set in a corner with towels, toilet paper rolls, or even magazines, for those who like to make their bathroom experiences a little more time consuming.

Living Room

There are pretty much endless ideas as far as this goes. For the picture I threw some of our records in it. I wasn't quite sure if they'd fit, but it really is that roomy.

Some other ideas for the living room are books, newspapers, blankets, and magazines. How about all those pesky video games and controllers? What a great way to camouflage them!


This is most definitely where this will land for awhile. My mailboxes have been overflowing with hats and gloves. I'm so happy to have a place for the boys to throw their winter accessories when they come in. 

Kid's Room

If you're anything like us, you have a million stuffed animals in your house. These bags are too cute for throwing those pesky things in. Now obviously, I wouldn't put this in my boy's room, but if I had a girl, I'd be all over it! 

Other ideas for a kid's rooms are balls, books, blocks, diapers, and anything else that may need a soft and contained place to land.

Are you feeling inspired to go get one? I sure hope so! For more information on where to get a kiondo, head on over to Liberty & 33rd!

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  1. LOVE my bag! I used it to haul Christmas presents. It's so roomy!