About Me

Hey friends, call me Erin.
I live in the Midwest with my lumberjack of a husband, Marty, and my two ornery boys.

Jaxon is 8 and a lover of life, while Carter is 4 and a mamma's boy to the core. 

These boys are my sidekick "pickers" for my business, ely lane. I opened a store in 2012, but my homebody self, closed it in 2013, so I could spend more time in my pj's and lovin' on my boys. My life consists of packing up my car to the max once a month to set up for a show. Working for myself can be hectic at times, but worth every minute of it. 

I love coffee, design, vintage, creative minds, and many other things that will spill over onto these pages. I'm happy to have you here! Grab a coffee and stay a bit. 



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