Thursday, January 16, 2014

Re-purpose your bassinet

Babies too big for their vintage bassinet? Don't kick it to the curb quite yet. Here are a few ideas that you can use to re-purpose your bassinet. Or if you like the ideas enough and don't have a bassinet, go buy yourself one! 

I love that you can spray-paint these any color you'd like to match your decor.

We have so many games, puzzles and extra blankets. This would be a great accessory to any family room. Keep the games out where you can see them. I bet you'll play them more!

This would be adorable in any little girl's room loaded with stuffed animals, dolls, and blankets. And when she's a little older, she'll have fun playing "mommy" with her babies.

Need more storage for your craft room? Stack lots of fabric in this beauty. I love functional storage that is also easy on the eyes! There's enough room under this to store a crate with more materials in it. Whenever you can have something up off the ground, it's like double the storage.

If you like the bassinet in these pictures, you're in luck! It's currently for sale. Head on over to my FB page for more details.

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