Monday, April 14, 2014

A Day Well Spent - Ikea Style

This weekend was full of sunshine, 70 degree weather, and a trip to Ikea with our best friends. You really can't get much better than that. Oh wait, we also ran into Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, and H&M. So, I guess it can get better. My husband would gladly add eating at Bass Pro Shop as his highlight, I am sure of it.

I am thankful for my love of vintage now, because I know that it saves me gobs of money when I walk into Ikea. It's really just a bit too modern for me, although I can totally appreciate it. We only spent $50, which has to be a record for us. Here's what I got.

These huge baskets were only $10 and perfect for corralling all the junk under the boy's beds. The new rule will be, what fits in the basket, can be under the bed. And then every so often, we'll have to go through the basket. Love my hoarder children!

No children were hurt or injured in the making of this photo.
Perfect size for capturing small children or even an 8 year old who is on the tall side!

I was in need of a little more green in my home, and at only $2.99, I couldn't resist.

Loved these turquoise towels, perfect pop of color in my kitchen. Loved this tray as well.

I think straws just make a mom more fun. So, I bought us a pack of colorful straws. Suddenly I'm super mom for $1.99.

I also snatched up one of these systems for a future project. 

The ride home involved laughing till you cried, hooting and hollering, jelly bean eating, and obnoxiously loud singing. That's my kind of day!

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Spring Banner Tutorial

I've decided that the only blessing in taking a dog out to go to the bathroom, is to find out what the weather is like. If it's raining or a blizzard, it's so not a blessing. But this morning, it was a sure fire blessing, when I realized the weather was all kinds of amazingness wrapped into an 8:30 potty break for a dog. It feels like we've finally made it to the other side of winter. That's something to be praised. We made it! We do every year, but this year was especially trying. I feel like we should get a reward of some kind, and I'm not talking about a fancy snow shovel for next year. Think dreamy exotic vacation. Anywho, I'm on a major tangent that must end promptly, so I can get on with my super easy tutorial for you all. 

How about a sunny banner to match this amazing weather today? Let's get started!

Gather up some random scrapbook paper, washi tape, and paper doilies. This is all stuff I had on hand, which made it super fun! Free is always best!

I traced inside the doily there, to get my scrapbook paper the right size. See my pencil lines in there? 

Washi tape from Target dollar bin. Major score! I also cut out polka dot and stripe paper for a little subtle diversity in my banner.

Add a little heart for a little extra kick. Grab some cute string from the same Target dollar bin.

And voila! You've got yourself a banner!

Hang it from your favorite spot and smile the day away!

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Monday, April 7, 2014

Bangs: The Good, The Ugly, and The Greasy

Happy Monday Ladies! Have you been considering cutting off those long locks in front, but you're nervous that you will regret it? Well hopefully I can give you a little insight that may help sway you one way or the other. 

I finally decided to cut my bangs in the fall of 2012 after looking at numerous fabulous bang pictures on Pinterest. 

At times they were good.

And at other times...not so good.

Pictures like this, are why I am now growing them out.

So, let's talk about the good and the bad.
  • They most definitely give you a certain vibe/style to your look. I loved that about them!
  • Look great with big black framed glasses, even if they are fake.
  • They cover any fine or deep (ah hem) lines in your forehead.
  • Makes a top knot or messy bun look suddenly styled. 

  • If you have thin hair, they may just look too thin and be a little "gappy". This was a major part of my problem. I decided I either needed to grow them out or cut them deeper into my hairline.
  • Upkeep. They will grow quickly when you don't want them to, and when you're growing them out, they'll take decades! It's best to know how to cut them yourself.
  • Pictures. If you do have trouble keeping them styled just right. You will detest most pictures you see of yourself with them. This was the frustrating part for me. I didn't want to hate a picture with a  dear friend, because of my bangs.
  • Grease! Need I say more? I tend to have oily skin, so after a long day out, they looked awful! I do recommend this dry shampoo. Works well and easy on the pocket book.

  • You can't just get up and throw your hair in a pony tail. You will either need to re-wash your bangs in the kitchen sink or throw a hat on. They also look funky with headbands when working out, because you'll have "wings" hanging out the side of the headband.

Now this is all my opinion and every hair type is different. If I didn't have fine, thin hair, I think my story would end very differently. 
(So's just bangs.)

At this point, I'm pinning these bad boys up. I don't love the look, but I think they look a little funky down, because they're still pretty short.

Here's a great article on how to grow your bangs out. There are things you can do, other than what I'm doing. I should really take note!

If you have bangs, I'd love to know how you feel about them.
 Love 'em or hate 'em?

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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Put a Spring in your Step

I almost wrote a post yesterday, but I just thought it'd seem like some sort of April Fool's joke and all, so I thought I'd give myself another day. Okay, that's not in fact true. I just really didn't find the time, or rather was unmotivated. Because, I did indeed find time for a nap. It's all about priorities, folks!

I thought I'd share a little party I threw a week or so ago. Any of the ideas would be fun for a spring party or maybe a little Easter decorating. Carter and my niece's birthday are only 3 days apart. So, I did what any slacking mom would do, and checked to see if my sis-in-law wanted to join forces and throw a party together. Less work for both of us and only one time for the older folks to drive out of the "big city." 

We went for a spring inspired party, because we were so desperate for a little "spring" in our lives. 

I totally snagged the ribbon idea from this gal. And, now I see she went hog wild with her ribbons. I hardly had the patience for what I did do.

Can I just say, I love Dollar Tree. You can find the best stuff there. Got these little pots and the "nest material" there. And those eggs, I can never buy those again! I will eat, not just one big bag, but possibly two!

This is not crooked. It is only a mirage.
Flowers were an easy no brainer addition.

Artwork: Katie Daisy
This party was so fun for me, because it was definitely on the girly side. I'm usually dealing with super heroes and all things boy, so this was a special treat. But for good measure, I threw in some worms for the newly turned 5 year old.

The birthday kiddos. They were so fun to celebrate! So much personality in such little bodies, especially the little red-head, she's a hoot!

Saw these packets at Walmart and new I had to do something with them. Now I'm determined to actually grow some wildflowers this year. 

We used mason jars and paper straws for our beverages.

My lovely sis-in-law graciously made the cupcakes and even water colored the flowers on top of them! We had fun planning this party together, as minimal as it seemed. 

So, if you're wanting to throw a spring themed party, hit up dollar tree, grab some flowers, and don't buy the eggs. Unless they're plastic. Those you won't eat. 

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