Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Our Sunroom

Today is just bitter cold, so what better room to show you in our house, than our sunroom! Maybe it can brighten our mood a bit!

When we built our home, this room was on the blue print as a screened in porch. We ended up with some "mess-up" windows from a job my husband had done and some extra bead board from another job, and voila, we had a usable space! I know we would've enjoyed it as a porch, but this extra square footage  is so helpful!

When we built, I was very much into modern decor, so the wall paint above the windows was lime green , and there was a whole different feel to the space. I've since gone the complete opposite direction with my decorating style. We later repainted the wall a dark grey. 

 Chair: Auction

I had gotten this chair at the auction, and intended to sell it, but boy am I glad I didn't. I love it in this cozy corner. 

Everything you see is basically stuff that I have thrifted or gotten for amazing prices at antiques shops.

Wire Tray: Junk Evolution

This wire tray is so helpful for corralling all of my magazines on the coffee table.

I seriously got this couch for a steal! It's quite sickening.

Coffee Table: Dutch Village Market

I think the quirkiness of this coffee table is what got me. I love how somebody must have pieced it together. The metal trunk underneath is great for holding more magazines. Yes, I'm a decorating magazine hoarder! And, no, I'm actually not an organic gardener!

 Footstool: Dutch Village Market

Love the geometric pattern in this footstool!

White Curtains and Hardware: Ikea ~ Large Sisal Rug: Lowes ~ Round Sisal Rug: TJ Maxx

This room has great lighting, and is where I take all of my product shots.
You may be wondering what's on the other wall that I keep cropping out of all of the pictures. Well, it's our elliptical. It's not pretty there, but it's actually a nice sunny spot to work out and stare out into the fields. And, if it were in the basement where I couldn't see it every day, you know I probably wouldn't be using it! All that to say, I really don't use it that often.

Tomorrow Ann will be over here showing you how to make homemade pop tarts! YUM!               Until then...

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  1. Gorgeous! I love what you did with the styling and decor. The pristine white drapes are really divine. Perfect for the white panels and white windows. The little finishes with the decor pieces and accents are just amazing. You really have a great eye for beauty. Thanks for sharing your sunroom with us! Cheers!

    Alan Sullivan @ Window Pro

  2. Oh my! It must've been difficult for you to attain such a beautiful sunroom. Honestly speaking, your sunroom is my ideal one. I mean, the light from your lovely windows bounces everywhere. You even kept the clutter and the decorations to a bare minimum, and I really like that. Thank you so much for giving us a tour, Erin! All the best to you!

    Lillian Jenkins @ Enterprise Glass Ltd.