Monday, February 3, 2014

Monthly Productivity Post - January

Of course with the new year upon us, I started out with a vigor to get things done on a weekly basis, most of this being business related. Since I closed my store last year, I was doing shows on a monthly basis and was good at letting furniture pile up until the last minute, and then crossing them off my list. I currently have no looming dates on my calendar that require me to have a full booth. This requires me to depend on myself, and honestly, sometimes I'm not so dependable. So, I'm working away at clearing all the furniture out of our garage, one piece at a time. Some day, I will park in my garage! I'm also challenging myself to finish every piece I get by the next week when I go and buy more. This is really helping things out in my bank account and in the garage. It's a win win.

 I thought it might be fun to post what I worked on for the month, just to keep myself in check. So, here's January at a glance!
 Still available. Currently in my booth at the Dutch Village Market. 

 2-tier shelf and small table still available.

 White table still available.

 Turquoise table and cake plate still available.

This blanket and a couple others still available.

A custom order for cloth napkins.

Buy banners here or here.

I felt pretty good about what I accomplished this month on top of all of my day to day tasks. Excited to see what February holds! I'm hoping that I can stay on task and keep myself motivated all of 2014!

Did you feel you were more productive in January, because of your New Year's resolutions?

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