Friday, February 14, 2014

A Call to Love More

I'll start off by saying the hubs and I aren't super sappy on a day like today. And, what to do with a day like this? Yes, you want to show your love like crazy, but shouldn't it just be a small extension of your daily love, in and out, on the other 364 days of the year? Why does it have to be such an ordeal and so expensive? I could have bought 4 dozen eggs with what I just spent on a piece of cardstock from the drugstore.

Don't call me a Valentine's Day hater, but I prefer little bits of love sprinkled throughout the year. It's like the no-brainer holiday for a man (or woman). Where's the effort there? Where's the thought? It's easy to pick out a card about love on a day like today. (Unless you just went, because they might be a bit picked through,  or so I've been told.)


I would love a card on a random day, that I know my husband had to search for in the Hallmark aisle. Or better yet, a hand written note! Be still my ever loving heart!

Today has challenged me to look Valentine's Day straight in the eye and decide to live out "Valentine's Day" on a more regular basis. And when I think about showing love on a day in day out basis, I can't help but think of the word gratitude. It's not good enough to let Hallmark tell your spouse how grateful you are for them, once a year. I want my husband to know that he's loved and appreciated all the live long year! And when you sit, and think about what you are grateful for, you can't help but feel more love and have a desire to work harder in your relationship. Because, really, it does take work.

While I generally think of my spouse on a day like today, I can't help but think of the one who gave up His life, so I may freely live! My ultimate love and the one who loves me more than I can fathom. Today feels almost more like a spiritual journey, than an emotional one. Everything I said above, is how I also want my relationship with Christ to look like. I don't want to only express a sincere gratitude on Easter or Christmas. I don't want a holiday kind of love. The more I sit silent and think about what God has done in my life, the more my heart overflows with love for him. And, the more I desire Him in my life, the more I can love others freely.

All this to say, we're still celebrating the holiday. I'm even sporting a t-shirt with a pink heart on it. I'll still get dolled up tonight for dinner alone with my husband. And, I totally appreciated the love that seemed to fill the air when I ran to the bank and grocery store. I think today has given us Midwesterners a little brightness in the midst of this crazy and depressing winter. But, I guess I'm just challenging myself  and anyone else who is listening, that we can show love more than once a year. I want my husband to sense that my heart explodes for him all year long. And ultimately, I want God to feel that, on a much deeper level too.

* wink * wink *
Happy Valentine's Day!
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