Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Put a Spring in your Step

I almost wrote a post yesterday, but I just thought it'd seem like some sort of April Fool's joke and all, so I thought I'd give myself another day. Okay, that's not in fact true. I just really didn't find the time, or rather was unmotivated. Because, I did indeed find time for a nap. It's all about priorities, folks!

I thought I'd share a little party I threw a week or so ago. Any of the ideas would be fun for a spring party or maybe a little Easter decorating. Carter and my niece's birthday are only 3 days apart. So, I did what any slacking mom would do, and checked to see if my sis-in-law wanted to join forces and throw a party together. Less work for both of us and only one time for the older folks to drive out of the "big city." 

We went for a spring inspired party, because we were so desperate for a little "spring" in our lives. 

I totally snagged the ribbon idea from this gal. And, now I see she went hog wild with her ribbons. I hardly had the patience for what I did do.

Can I just say, I love Dollar Tree. You can find the best stuff there. Got these little pots and the "nest material" there. And those eggs, I can never buy those again! I will eat, not just one big bag, but possibly two!

This is not crooked. It is only a mirage.
Flowers were an easy no brainer addition.

Artwork: Katie Daisy
This party was so fun for me, because it was definitely on the girly side. I'm usually dealing with super heroes and all things boy, so this was a special treat. But for good measure, I threw in some worms for the newly turned 5 year old.

The birthday kiddos. They were so fun to celebrate! So much personality in such little bodies, especially the little red-head, she's a hoot!

Saw these packets at Walmart and new I had to do something with them. Now I'm determined to actually grow some wildflowers this year. 

We used mason jars and paper straws for our beverages.

My lovely sis-in-law graciously made the cupcakes and even water colored the flowers on top of them! We had fun planning this party together, as minimal as it seemed. 

So, if you're wanting to throw a spring themed party, hit up dollar tree, grab some flowers, and don't buy the eggs. Unless they're plastic. Those you won't eat. 

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