Monday, March 3, 2014

Monthly Productivity Post - February

Well I'll say I started out the year with a bang. Lots of motivation and lots of work going on. Then February hit, and I don't know, I just lost my steam I suppose. Or maybe I should blame it on the short month. I mean really I had less days to get work done. 

Let's not even talk about my lack of blogging...maybe I was a tad bit ambitious when I started this ole blog. Or maybe I'm a tad bit unorganized with my time. Either way, it was a short month.

So, let's just see what I was up to this past month.

Selling vintage is probably my favorite part of my job. Not a strenuous job by any means...maybe that's why I like it so much.

This sweet table sold crazy fast. Loved just adding the pop of color on the legs.

All but white still available in my booth.
Always trying to knock out some chalkboards.

What's with me and this turquoise? There isn't a drop of it in my own home, but I'm so happy you all snatch it up for yours!

Most of these goodies still available.

Fun Fact: My house consists of almost no painted furniture. You'd think I'd be all green, white, and turquoise chippy around here, but I'm not. I'm pretty vintage to the core up in here!

Oh yes, and then I started selling some fun clothing and accessories in February. That definitely kept me hopping and running to the post office. I still have lots of cute stuff available over here! You can also buy from elylaneshoppe on IG. I haven't quite decided if this is something I will continue to do. Comment if you'd love to see another round of pretty stuff up for sale this month!

So I suppose I wasn't a complete failure, but I want to amp it up a bit for this next month. Plus I'll have 3 extra days, so I'm sure that'll make all the difference!

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