Friday, December 20, 2013

Check Check 1 -2 -3 and a Dash of Holiday Decor in the Boy's Room

I've been weak in the knees over what to write for my first post. For real, what's the best way to start a blog? I really didn't want to introduce myself in a long boring post. I'd rather scatter information throughout this blog, just to keep ya guessing, ya know? I didn't have plans to start this today, but the kiddos had a 2 hour delay, due to fog, so I grabbed a cup of coffee and curled up with The Procrastinator's Guide to Getting Things Done. My first confession, in my first post...I'm an A+ procrastinator! This is what I read regarding getting started on a project: "If you are not sure how to get started, don't start at the beginning. Jump into the middle and go back to the beginning after you have done some work." This brings me to here and now. Let's act like we've been long friends, and I'll just join in on all the beautiful holiday homes we're seeing around the web, and introduce you to the little touches that I threw into my boy's room. Shall we??

I recently redid the boy's room in a vintage outdoor/camping theme. The antlers were just begging for some wreath love.

This one has a little bit of a, ahem, shall we say, bigger rack. I tried my darndest to get that wreath around it, but feared that I was about ready to break the antlers.

My mother-in-law had just sent home a bucket full of bobbers, and I decided that those would be the perfect ornaments for this little tree.

I'm a big anti-tree skirt fan, and love seeing trees in odd containers. Thank goodness for a garage full of who knows what! I found this adorable tin basket in there, which was more than perfect for their room decor. 

It's a simple touch of Christmas. Really just enough to make the boy's eyes light up.

While I have your attention, let's just hit up the toy room tree real fast. 

An apple basket and burlap bag for the base.

I threw together some garland with some newspapers waiting to be taken off by the recycling truck.

This tree is a compilation of vintage glass ornaments and my Old World Christmas ornaments that my aunt has given me over the years. 

Add in a few random letters and numbers for interest, and there you have it. 

Phew, first post done! Next, I'll bring you another room in my house! I haven't decided which one yet. It depends which one I will be able to clean up the fastest for some blog worthy photos. Because, let's be honest, that's how most of us roll. 

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