Saturday, December 28, 2013

A Little Something to Keep the Kids Busy

We've made it through about 7 or 8 Christmas celebrations, and now things seem quiet. I was making out my grocery list and realized I actually have to make dinner from here on out. What, my family can't survive on corn salad and dessert? Those were my choice recipes for every party we went to, and about all I had to actually make for 7 days. Sickness hit our home a couple nights ago and so far, only one has been down for the count and is already feeling back to normal. 

I feel like next week when things are back to normal, and dad has gone back to work, the kids will need lots of activities to keep them busy. The idea I'm sharing is actually brought to you by my mother-in-law. This is a gift that she gave our boys, and I found it to really be quite brilliant. I wanted to share this little idea now, so you have time to pick up the supplies in time for an "I'm bored" moment. 

Supplies: Rubbermaid container, moon sand, and small imaginative toys to their liking.

She had also included dinosaur bones, so they could do an archaeological dig. They quickly searched through their toys and added in dinosaurs, trees, and stones. We even brought this along to Christmas at my Grandma's, where there are no toys. This kept my boys and their cousins busy for quite awhile. Love that a lid can be thrown on, and you can easily take it with you.

Time to get dinner on the stove. Making this amazing soup for the second time around. 
Campbell's got nothin' on this recipe!

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