Friday, June 27, 2014

A Surprise Party for the Books

When it comes to blogging, my motto is, better late than never. I turned 30 the day of my husband's surgery, May 19th. He was feeling pretty bad about this ahead of time, so he planned me the best surprise party evah!!

It was the most swoon-worthy and beautiful party! The setting was at my lovely friend, Ann's, beautiful front yard out in the country. China and gold plated silverware. Perfect weather. The tastiest of food. And most importantly, my most dear friends.

I really had no clue! Marty totally pulled this one off! And, yes, surprise parties are slightly awkward, because I think everyone stared at me for 10 minutes.

I couldn't stop smiling!

There was even the most adorable kid's table with mac n' cheese for the picky eaters. children.

And there's the man who pulled this whole thing off! A night I will surely never forget.

Love all these fab people who made my night so very special! This was such a group effort, and I loved hearing who made/brought what.

I look at these ladies and realize how very blessed I am! They are all so unique and special to me. And to top it off, crazy creative to boot. Ann is my partner in crime for the Madison Road Market. Lindsay makes beautiful hand stamped jewelry and cuffs. Shalmai is a painter and photographer. And my dear sister in law, Annie, is the owner of Furore Photography and superb at making me beautiful nieces!

This made 30 not seem so bad! If 30 involves being surrounded by amazing friends and family, then I'm all in!

Like I said, I couldn't stop smiling! And, yes, I ate every dessert that was offered!

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